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SunCater is a quick to set up catering application for in-flight service and data analysis.
The app is loaded onto space-saving tablets that allow easy handling and management of orders during the flight. Crew members can create, cancel, print, mail, and review orders midflight with ease. Only after landing everything is transferred to the database. No internet on board required!

On the ground, management tools allow for an easy setup. Your product database is editable at any point of time to allow short term changes to the menu or product range.
Each flight can be analyzed separately or over a timeframe to optimize your product selection.
Your crew is receiving a commission for each product sold? No problem! SunCater tracks the sales data for each crew member to allow for easy calculation.
If you already use our SunCrew, then your cabin members can log into SunCater automatically and see their flights already.

Our Video Trainings are directly integrated in the App, in order to help your crew in the air with any questions.

Our effort

SunCater Advantages

Extremely short setup time
User friendly and easy to handle
Integrated video instruction
Flexible product database
Offline Modus
Sales Statistics

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